What is DALI – General overview

If you’ve spent a reasonable time researching LEDs, you’ve probably realised by now that there are several ways to dim them. One of the most popular is DALI, which stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It includes the control interface, lamp response and the power connection. DALI is generally used to provide lighting control over… Read more »

What Are IP Ratings?

You see IP ratings all the time on LED products but have you ever wondered what they actually mean? Many electrical goods, including LED lighting, come with whats known as an IP Rating yet it's...

PRODUCT FEATURE: LED Tape Installation

Take a look at this stunning LED feature that was recently installed in a private property in London using Ultra LED products. The domestic project was created using LED aluminium channel cut to size and premium LED tape. The 3528 x 120 strip produces high colour rendering and is set in some of our recessed… Read more »

Shedding a little light on CRI ratings

Forget fixtures and fittings, the way you light a room can be just as important to its feel and ambience. Along with colour and texture,  lighting can play a huge role when it comes to the...

Bright idea for new apartment build

Ultra LEDs were recently involved in a huge construction project in the South-East of England which provided us with something of a challenge 160 new apartments in Reading, Berkshire, have recently been built in the...