LED Lit Golf Balls by Night Sports USA hit the shelves just in time for autumn


With the clocks going forward and those long summer evenings just around the corner, golfers everywhere will be looking FORE-ward to playing long into the night.

But why end your round when the sun finally decides to go down?

Keen golfers can now play all night as well as all day – thanks to these amazing light-up LED golf balls.

They are the brainchild of U.S. suppliers Night Sports USA and light up in one of four colours when they are hit, staying alight for eight minutes after each shot.

They also produce light-up tees, fairway yardage markers and flags.

Experts at the company insist they play exactly like a standard golf ball except they float in water so can be retrieved.

A spokesperson for Night Sports USA said: “The balls provide the high performance aerodynamics, control, accuracy, feel and distance you expect from a professional quality ball.

“We developed night golf as a fun, innovative way of furthering existing player’s game – and also for a bit of fun. There are twice as many night time hours as there are day time which makes night time golf perfect.”

The balls, which can stay illuminated for up to 40 hours without recharging, are available online with a four-pack costing £18.